Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goals for 2014

Hi everyone!
It's been a busy few days around here.
Between keeping Lorelai everyday so mom can work at home
(still on "leave" from having the new little one)
and trying to do the regular things
around here - well, it's been crazy!

Yesterday I drove Melissa up 
to Lakeland for her
six-week check-up.
(She is doing fantastic)
We did take some time to go out for some lunch 
before our two hour car ride home.

She was able to snap a couple of pictures
of the sweet one in my lap.
She is such a ham - LOL!
However, I know why the good Lord gives
children to those that are younger
(at least, younger than I am).
I was absolutely worn out last night -
all day with
an eighteen month old and a four week old baby
sure did wear this "nana" out!

I've been planning and working on my goals for 2014.  
I know that it seems like I am a little behind on stating all this stuff.  
It seems like everyone else
 had their goals posted the first week in January.
I guess because I decided to start this blog in January
 I'm just a little behind.  
That's okay - 
at least I'm writing my goals down, right?

 Goals for 2014

Interior Goals

1.  Have carpets professionally cleaned.
2. Install closed cabinets over washer/dryer.
3. Rehang laundry room and guest bathroom doors.
(so they will close and stay closed)
4. Close in windows in family room and door in laundry room.
(maybe install window in laundry room)

Exterior Goals

1. Repair irrigation system.
2. Landscape front flower beds.
3. Replace dead plants in back yard.
4. Create a "child friendly" play area in back yard.
5. Paint house/front door.

Financial Goals

1. Create and stick to a "real" budget.
2. Pay off credit card.
3. Pay off credit line loan.
4. Create an emergency fund.

Personal Goals

1. Lose 10 pounds.
2. Exercise more.
3. Go to the movies at least once a month.

Blog Goals

1. Post a minimum of three posts a week.
2. "Attend" a minimum of three parties a week.
3. Encourage a minimum of three other bloggers every week.

So, that's it.
Some of these are really pretty simple and
should be able to be accomplished with no difficulty
while other are a little more
daunting (and expensive).
Which means some might actually be in direct conflict 
to some of the other goals.
Budget will determine EVERYTHING!
Guess we shall see
 how many we actually get done.

Have a great day and 
I'll talk to you later!


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