Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to a New Year

Hello and welcome to the
Little Country House on the Lake!

My name is Carol and I'm starting
a new blog in the new year.

I'm so glad you dropped by.

Since this is the first post on 
Little Country House on the Lake
let me tell you a little about myself
 and what my vision is for this blog.

First, I'm an "over 50" blogger.  

Okay, honestly, I'm an "over 60" blogger!
(are there any more of us out there?)

I'm the mother of two beautiful daughters
and the
grandmother of two
precious grand daughters
 who, I am sure,
you will see plenty of pictures of.

my youngest daughter and my two grand babies
on 12/11/13

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, 
and while I am far from perfect, 
I strive everyday to follow His word.

My husband and I love DIY projects -
that I will be sharing - 
as we work to make
 this small 1200 sq. ft. 
house our home.

I dream up a lot of "great" ideas
and my sweet husband
brings those ideas
to life with
amazing skill.
(Yes, I am blessed!)

I love to decorate our home
so I'm sure I'll share 
some of those decorating projects here also.

I'll share craft projects with you -
starting with a 
new wreath for our front door - 
and even a few
  sewing projects  
for example,
a rag quilt for one of the
grand babies.
(It's quick, easy, and oh so soft!)
I'll even do some projects that
I see and pin on
(Are you like me and have a ton of pins that you haven't done?)

Do you ever have problems with organizing?
Well, I'll share some strategies
for organizing areas of your home -
 from your pantry to your closets
and almost everything in between.
(Remember, I live in a 1200 sq.ft. house, so organizing is my friend!)

Oh, and just in case you are wondering,
I'll be doing everything on a
very limited budget -
plus, I'll be working on getting
us debt free.
(That should pay the price of admission by itself! LOL!)

I'll also throw in some recipes and ways to make
your time in the kitchen
more efficient - which
will get you out of the kitchen faster
because, if you are like me, 
you would rather be doing just
about anything else then
being in the kitchen!

So, as you can see, I have
some really 
plans for this

I hope you will decide to 
 stop by often to see what
I'm up to 
here at the
Little Country House on the Lake.

(First real post will be on Monday, Jan.6th.)

In the meantime -
I wish you and your family a very

Happy New Year!

See you soon!

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