Friday, January 3, 2014

I Just Couldn't Wait!

Hi everyone!
I know, I know.
 I said that the first official post would be on Monday - 
but, I just couldn't wait!

I know that the weather has been
a topic of conversation
in a lot of households.
I mean, with the northeast having
below zero temperatures
and blizzards, who wouldn't be talking about it.
My oldest daughter lives in Nashville
and they are expecting temperatures
in the single digits and

So, weather has been a topic
of conversation in our household also.
I don't think I told you earlier that my
husband and I, along with our two mini doxies,
live in South Central Florida.
The temperatures around here have been in
the 80's all "winter".
I think that the lowest temperatures
we have seen was about 65.

That is until today!
It rained like crazy last night
as the leading edge of a cold front approached.
Then today, the wind was blowing hard
it was C O L D!

I mean, chilled to the bone if you were outside
kind of cold.

So, what do you do when the 
weather outside is

Make chili, of course!

I pulled out the ole crock pot and fixed
a big pot of delicious, warm you to 
your toes, chili.

My husband likes his chili to have more meat and beans
in it than, what he calls "soup".
It really doesn't matter to me if there is
more meat and beans than 
tomato based "soup".
So, I try and make it to suit him.

I don't know about you guys, but when he eats
chili all he wants is Club crackers and

My family used to have Saltine crackers
when I was growing up, 
but I'm not a 
cracker connoisseur
so Club crackers are fine with me.

While he doesn't want any thing else - 
I started adding a nice dollop of
sour cream and
a little
cheddar cheese
to mine
when we were living in 
North Carolina.

I guess you could say that it was pretty good.

Plus, we have some left overs
for tomorrow.
Who knows, maybe I'll fix some
chili dogs to
go along with
our football Saturday!
(I'm a HUGE football fan)

Hope you have a great
rest of your weekend
and stay warm!

Oh, I'll leave you with just a little
tease of my "winter" wreath.

I'll see you on Monday!
 (I hope I get this thing finished)



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