Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine Rag Wreath

Well, I almost waited to long to write this post – but if you are looking for a quick and easy Valentine Wreath then this is the one for you!

Plus it didn’t cost me a penny – zero, nothing, nada!

Now before we go any further – please excuse the quality of the pictures – some were taken during a rain storm and the others were taken at night.  Sorry!

The inspiration for my wreath was from a pin on Pinterest -  


If you are interested in seeing how Cindi made hers – here’s the link to her post:
In her version Cindi used a grapevine wreath and inserted the material in the actual wreath using a flat head screwdriver and tweezers to pull the fabric strips through. 

I wanted to do something just a little easier – not that I’m lazy or anything – I just wanted a cute little wreath in a hurry.  

So, let’s move on to my version – okey, dokey? 

Ta-Da -  here's my version -

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 069

Want to know how I made it?  It's really easy - I promise.

First thing I did was go to my local fabric store – aka my mom’s house.

My mom is a quilter and she has more material then you could shake a stick at – so sometimes when I need material in a hurry or don’t want to spend any money, I just take a quick look in her quilter’s closet and find what I need.  The only issue is, I can't need a large piece of fabric as most pieces are 1/4 or 1/2 a yard.  But, for this project, size wasn't that important.

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 037

I picked out these seven different colors.

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 039

I asked the hubs to make a heart shape out of a simple wire clothes hanger.
He did a good job, didn’t he?   If you don't have a wire clothes hanger you can use any gauge wire to form your heart shape.

Then I got out my cutting mat, my ruler, and my rotary cutter.

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 038

If you don’t have a rotary cutter don’t worry – you can use scissors, or, if you are using cotton, just tear the material at the width you want.
I decided to make my strips 3/4 of an inch wide and approximately 6 inches long.

Do you remember that I had picked out seven different pieces of fabric?  After I got home and really looked at the fabric,  I decided to just use three of them  - one light pink, one medium red, and one dark red.

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 041

My strips all cut.
I didn’t take any pictures of the next step – it is a little hard to take pictures and tie strips on the form at the same time – but I think you can figure it out.    

All you have to do is tie the strips on the form – that’s it.

I started with the lightest color and ended with the darkest red, but it really doesn't matter.  What ever you want to do will work.

It doesn't take long to do the entire wreath – I did mine while watching a movie Sunday night.

I love my little rag wreath - 

blog pictures projects january 1-29-14 068

Hope you do too.



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  1. very pretty! Love the colors. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. Big Hugs ♥

  2. I love your rag wreath, and the colors. I've always wanted to make one but somehow I just don't. Once everythings cut it makes for a good project in front of the TV. It looks very pretty in front of the glass window!
    Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best with your creative inspirations!